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Baja California Sur has developed as a state with a tourist vocation during the last decades. In addition to the Los Cabos area, here you will find charming Magical Towns that are the perfect setting for a romantic getaway.

Baja California and Baja California Sur are two sister States that have contributed a lot to the country's culture. You can find incredible dishes, places to visit, and many little towns.


Recognized for its natural beauty, Los Cabos is a world-class destination made up of beautiful desert and tropical landscapes. It offers luxury hotels, award-winning beaches, great weather year-round, and internationally renowned cuisine with Michelin-starred chefs. Home of the iconic Arch, where the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet.



Magical Town located on a plateau on the slopes of the Sierra de la Laguna, a paradise that overlooks the Pacific Ocean between an oasis of crops, palm groves and the reed beds of Valle del Pilar, the fertility of its land and the abundance of water from the springs of the Sierra de la Laguna, propitiated that at the end of the last century Todos Santos gained a boom in agriculture, especially in the cultivation of cane.


One of the most widespread legends of Todos Santos is that of the Hotel California, which was supposedly the inspiration for the group “Eagles” to compose the world famous song that bears its name.



In the heart of the Baja California Sur peninsula is Loreto. One of the most impressive tourist destinations in Mexico. Between nature and culture, it is an ideal space to flatter and surprise visitors. Cradle of Western civilization on the California peninsula, Loreto was the center of origin for Jesuit and Spanish culture in this desert region of Mexico.
From Loreto, the long pilgrimage of evangelization and civil colonization of Baja and Alta California was undertaken, finding notable examples of missionary architecture in Loreto and its surroundings.

In addition to its rich history, Loreto offers its visitors impressive natural landscapes and islands with a diversity of endemic flora and fauna. Underwater life in Loreto is also rich in contrasts, from the sighting of the blue whale to diving in the National Marine Park.



Comondú borders to the north with the municipality of Loreto on a line that begins at the intersection of the Transpeninsular highway and the Cadejé stream heading west until it reaches the Pacific coast, with the place known as La Bocana del Rancho Nuevo; to the south it borders the municipality of La Paz, on a line that begins at the site known as Los Dolores of the Municipality of La Paz, heading Southwest and crossing the Peninsula to a place known as El Cayuco, a roadstead that is located in the Bahia Almejas coast.

The territory of the municipality is divided into two geological subprovinces called Llanos de Magdalena and Sierras volcanicas y mesas that divide the territory longitudinally from north to south; The main elevations of the municipality are found in the Sierra de la Giganta, which is the local name by which the system that runs as the backbone of the entire Baja California Peninsula is known.



Mulegé is a population of the municipality of the same name, located in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur; at the mouth of the Mulegé River. The mouth of the river forms an oasis and an estuary where you can find date palms, olive trees and fruit trees such as mango, guava, orange and fig trees, which offer Muleginos and visitors the possibility of savoring delicious dishes of tropical climate. in the desert. Its economy is mainly based on tourism and fishing. It is a destination much visited by retired citizens of the American Union for its tranquility, good weather and its beautiful beaches.



Fishing is still big in Buena Vista, just as it was in the Peninsula's glory days when Baja legend Ray Cannon called Rancho Buena Vista home. Although the fish are not as thick as in those days, this beautiful fish trap still has plenty of fish to go around.

There are a few small (but wonderful!) beachside hotels in the area, but other amenities are just basic (no Home Depot or big box stores), yet. A few more houses are being built on or near the beaches each year, but Buena Vista still maintains a relaxing, laid-back pace.



Home to a few hundred residents, El Triunfo was years ago a prosperous silver mining town in Baja California Sur. Today, visitors to Los Cabos visit and explore a relic of local history.

Two museums are located in this small town: the Silver Museum, which shows the history of the place, and the Music Museum, which exhibits pianos and other musical instruments sent to the area during its mining heyday.


Close to the Mission are Café El Triunfo and El Minero bar where we recommend you try their beer and artisanal cheese, as well as their delicious wines. It is imperative that you set aside a day for an excursion to the Cactus Sanctuary just outside of town, as it boasts a collection of cacti found only in this part of the world.

This place is considered a historical jewel, which you can enjoy with a walk. The place captivated travelers with its bright yellow mission-style church and La Ramona, a 115-foot chimney that rises into the sky.



On the bay of Las Palmas, the beaches of this site are flooded with the multicolored parachutes and sails of visitors who like to practice sports such as windsurfing and windsurfing.

From March to December, the winds that prevail in the area allow those who are passionate about these activities to live their favorite experience. The hotels on the site have instructors and specialized equipment. Los Barriles is a beach that still retains that relaxed and informal air that made Baja California Sur popular.

In addition to sport fishing, Windsurfing is practiced a lot, there are also some exciting ATV expeditions through the hills until you reach beaches with transparent waters where you can snorkel and have a snack, and then return to Los Barriles by ATV, apart, in the surroundings the Off Road is practiced.




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