Diciembre 22 de 2021

This December 10, the town hall of Los Cabos through the DIF System carried out in San Jose del Cabo the lighting of the Christmas Tree as well as the start of the Christmas Bazaar, which began with the traditional Christmas carols.

Initially, the mayor, Oscar Leggs, accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Flora Aguilar, president of the DIF System, as well as various municipal and district authorities, carried out a tour of the various positions that make up the bazaar.

They then met in the temple of the plaza to light the little tree, but not before sending their best wishes to all the families of Los Cabos.


Two skating rinks will be installed, one in Cabo San Lucas and the other in San José del Cabo, where citizens in general will be able to go to enjoy this attractive sport. knows that this attraction can be enjoyed until January 15, 2022, the purpose of these facilities will be carried out so that the public can enjoy a festive and different atmosphere, therefore the sanitary measures and the appropriate protocol will continue to be established to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


The Los Cabos Christmas Nautical Festival is here to stay, quickly becoming one of the most anticipated events of the year, as it managed to convene thousands of families on the El Medano beach and Cabo San Lucas marina to watch the parade pass, which ended in In the midst of fireworks, more than 30 boats were dressed with Christmas lights (led), giving a double tour of the eight waterfalls beach, throughout the El Médano beach and up to the Breathless hotel, where thousands of families of locals and tourists they could see them go by.

It was impressive not only the show but the number of people who came to this 2nd edition, as groups of friends and especially families waited for the parade in an atmosphere of conviviality and party, settling in seated on the beach and up to the top. of the rocks at the entrance to the marina.


Christmas will not only be special this year, celebrating the New Year in Cabo San Lucas this 2021 is the perfect way to say goodbye to this challenging year, and welcome 2021 with open arms, while you are in one of the cities. most paradisiacal of Mexico. Cabo offers a variety of New Years events, tailored to different needs and desires, ranging from beach parties with live performances to elegant restaurant dinners overlooking stunning fireworks for families.

Enjoy the countdown to 2021 at the most popular spot on New Year's Eve: Playa El Médano. Being the most famous beach in Cabo, El Medano is lined by excellent beachfront restaurants and bars, all of which host extraordinary New Year's celebrations. Also, if you're looking for a quieter night close to home, some of the best resorts will host their Cabo San Lucas 2021 New Year's party right on the shore of the stunning beach. This could be the best place to enjoy your dinner while, at midnight, the sky is illuminated with a fascinating fireworks display, making the entrance of the New Year unforgettable!


This December the families of Los Cabos will experience shows never seen before in the municipality, starting with 2 public ice rinks that will be installed in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, as well as a parade of giant New York-style balloons In an interview for the first BCS, the director of the DIF, Samuel Cisneros Peruyero explained that they seek to "give the people what belongs to the people" with a great Christmas parade where there will be 5 giant balloons with more than 7 meters high by 3 meters in diameter.


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